Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guarantee

Are the jewelry pieces guaranteed?

Yes, every piece of jewelry is guaranteed to be as represented and for craftsmanship. We personally create each piece to keep the quality high. If a stone breaks, we will replace it at our cost. Otherwise, any repairs will be done free of charge. Please contact us before sending anything.

Questions Before Purchase

Do Pendants Come With Chains?

No, chains are sold separately. If you order a pendant and do not have a chain to go with it, please take a look at the chains we have available for sale. If you aren't sure which chain to pair with a specific pendant, feel free to contact us for suggestions.

Jewelry Modifications

Can rings be sized to fit?

Most rings can be sized, but we highly recommend contacting us before purchasing any ring to be sure.

Can stones be changed out?

No. Each piece is handcrafted for a specific stone. We can possibly recreate design using a different stone, but not change out.

How it's made

Do the Bakers really make each piece?

Yes, the Bakers personally create each piece of jewelry with love and care to detail. There is no factory so production is limited.


What if I'm not happy with the piece when I receive it?

If a piece does not meet your expectations when it arrives, we will give a full refund less shipping costs if returned within 7 days. Our goal is for you to be overwhelmed with delight!

Payment Options

What payment methods can I use?

We take Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.
Tanzanite Cabochon in Sterling Silver Ring with 14kt Gold Bezel

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Tanzanite Cabochon in Sterling Silver Ring with 14kt Gold Bezel

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