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One of a Kind Jewelry Designs

Dan & Linda Baker have been creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry art since 1974.

Timeless Treasures

Linda and Danny’s one-of-a kind jewelry pieces are timeless treasures. From their use of ancient coins to unique contemporary designs, their inspiration, craftsmanship and attention to detail are unrivaled.

- Sherry S., Dallas

Absolutely Stunning!

Almost 4 years ago I met Linda and Dan at an art show in the Colorado mountains and became obsessed with this opal ring. I didn’t buy it that day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it! So after Linda and Dan had gotten back to TX, I could wait no longer and bought it long distance! They shipped it to me and I’ve cherished it ever since! Absolutely stunning!

- Kris M., Colorado

Truly One-of-a-Kind

I’ve known the Bakers for more than a decade. I always look forward to visiting because they have fascinating jewelry on display. Their work is unique, with no repetition of pieces - each one truly one-of-a-kind.

The ancient themes which run through their collections deal with gods and goddesses, symbols of empire and myths. Antique coins, framed in semi-precious stones, enhance the history they represent. A continual favorite of mine are octopi with tentacles grasping jewels.

Ask questions about what you may see online. The stories behind the pieces will become your stories.

- Marc B., Austin

Exceptional and Unique

I’ve purchased some lovely pieces of jewelry from Linda and Dan Baker over the years. Their work is exceptional and unique. They are not only talented but trustworthy.

- RG, San Antonio

The jewelry is very well made and shows that you take pride in the pieces

I have truly loved wearing every piece of jewelry purchased from you, and I get many compliments from my friends. The jewelry is very well made and shows that you take pride in the pieces you put before the public. The earrings, bracelets, pendants and other pieces are so unique and I look forward to adding a new piece or two each year – it is always exciting to see what designs you have come up with since our last visit. 

- Suzie and Terry A., Fort Worth

The stories behind your creations are what make your pieces works of art

The stories behind your creations are what make your pieces works of art. Not only are these each one-of-a-kind items, anyone who is lucky enough to own one of your pieces is fortunate to get to wear a timeless treasure that blends together not only the history of the world but also its soul as only the two of you bring out with your combination of settings, gems and symbolic coins.

- Cee R., Austin

excellent gemstones and generous amounts of precious metal

My family has purchased jewelry from the Bakers on numerous occasions, and we've even had pieces custom designed. The Bakers' stock is high quality: all works have secure prongs and backings protecting gems; they select excellent gems and stones with bright clarity and color or pattern; and they use generous amounts of precious metal.

In our craft shows, they were willing to talk to customers, explain their jewelry. Although they have not been at our most recent shows in Nashville, I was able to buy a pearl pendant off their website. Now that COVID-19 has cancelled shows for the foreseeable future, I look forward to seeing their new jewelry on their updated website.

- Sarah R., Nashville

  • We are dedicated to our customers and guarantee everything

    If you are not satisfied with a jewelry piece bought from Baker Custom Jewelry, return the piece within 7 days for a full refund less shipping costs.

Ancient Coin, AR Litra, Octopus, 14kt Gold Ring

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Ancient Coin, AR Litra, Octopus, 14kt Gold Ring

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